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Acupuncture Q&A

I get asked questions all the time about being an Acupuncturist. The two most common questions are: what are the benefits? And what does it treat? It’s not easy to answer these questions as the benefits are many, and it really can treat anything. So here is my best attempt at a bit of Acupuncture [...]

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Counter-Chairism Tactics

Sitting has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately. It’s the new smoking. 6 hours equal to a pack a day. Metabolic disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, all blamed on the humble chair. Sounds pretty drastic, so let’s have a quick look at why it’s an issue, and then a couple of ideas to [...]

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Wake Up Your Feet

We've built hard, flat surfaces everywhere, which look nice and make getting around pretty smooth, but also leave our bodies potentially exposed to some serious mechanical problems. Nerves from our lower back plug into the skin and muscles of our feet. These nerves allow our feet to communicate with our back, and vice versa. The [...]

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