If you have just received the news that you are expecting, then firstly congratulations! Preparing for the arrival of a new born is such wonderful experience – I’ve done it a couple of times myself! However pregnancy can also be both physically and emotionally draining, and the addition of musculoskeletal pain can bring about a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety.

It is estimated that around 50% of pregnant women will experience lower back or pelvic pain during their pregnancy or the post-partum period. It is also common to experience upper back and neck pain, headaches, sciatic pain, calf cramps, and swelling in the ankles and wrists which can contribute to carpel tunnel syndrome.

Despite the prevalence of pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain, many women are unaware that there are safe, natural treatment options available.

A woman’s body shape and posture will change rapidly during pregnancy to accommodate her growing baby. Her centre of gravity will shift to maintain balance and the natural curves of the spine are exaggerated placing added stress on the joints, ligaments and muscles. Even after delivery the body can take some time to recover and adjust to the demands of feeding and caring for a new baby.

Seeking assistance from a qualified Myotherapist can provide you with a personalised assessment and treatment program to relieve muscle tension, reduce swelling and provide instruction for home based stretching and strengthening exercises for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth experience.

If you are suffering from pregnancy related pain, or simply want to spend some time understanding your body’s changes during pregnancy, book an appointment with one of our qualified Myotherapists by calling Allied Health Collective on 54431080 or through our website.